Smart ICS

IIOT is a flexible and universal SCADA/IIoT software platform for building the professional industrial automation and IoT systems. It is configured without coding and scripting using the automated interface builder, and based on Plug & Play technology, and Drag & Drop tool.  IIOT brings IIoT with low-code/no-code for industrial automation system integration with automated interface builder, web-based and non-tag-based licenses model. IIOT enables users to deploy their new devices very quickly within a minute and all stages can be performed without programming, scripting and a separate development environment; it will be done via a standard web browser. IIOT made ease of Monitoring and Controlling (Connect – Configure – Visualize) SmartICS Web-Portal for Automation (Industry 4.0).


  • Fast and easy configuration and implementation with No-code technology

Master SmartICS software in less than 50 hours it doesn’t require any prior technical expertise or programming skills and experience with other SCADA software.

  • Developed on the basis of web technologies

Online access to data via a regular web browser from any location and any type of devices; SmartICS at your fingertips.

  • Transparent licensing approach

Final licenses pricing will only be done at the system design stage, regardless of the number of I/O signals, tags and users.

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With ease of Drag-&-Drop and Plug-&-Play create your automatic interface

  • Connect devices faster
  • Excludes human error factor
  • Fast creation of visual interface 
  • System scaling is easier 
  • Easy customization
  • Low-cost system support


  • Saving resources
Detection of irrational energy resources consumption.
  • Identification of equipment that is not working properly
Efficiency evaluation of equipment operation and identification of needs of its repair, replacement and/or modernization consumption.
  • Fast and high-quality remote data accesses 
On the equipment operation for profile services specialists.
  • Increase production efficiency
By making quick decisions and electricity consumption planning based on data.

SmartICS at it’s Best Smart Solution for Industrial IoT, Telemetry, SCADA and Industrial Control Systems.

  • Web-portal for Manufacturing digitalization – Data collection and visualization with remote web-access, connection to other systems.
  • SCADA – Telemetry – Monitoring – ICS Industrial Control Systems for many remote distributed units, facilities, equipment, etc.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring – Building management systems, Data Center infrastructure monitoring, Microclimate monitoring system, etc.
  • Oil and Gas Facilities
  • Remote control of Oil & Gas facilities such as oil and gas wells, valves along a pipeline, etc.
  • GAS Distribution
  • Local control of CNG/LNG fueling stations and remote monitoring of CNG/LNG network.
  • Water Treatment
  • Local and remote control and monitoring of water supply and wastewater plants. 
  • Electricity Distribution
  • Remote monitoring of electricity distribution substations, reclosers and high-voltage
  • Manufacturing
  • Local and remote control and monitoring of machines, sensors, devices etc.
  • Agriculture
  • Remote control and monitoring of irrigation systems and ccentralized equipment monitoring.

Oil and Gas

Aviation Industry

Mining and Gas distribution

Metro and Railways

Oil Processing

Electricity & Water treatments

Construction (Building Management Systems)

Chemical and Petrochemical

Metal and Machinery Manufacturing

Metal and Machinery Manufacturing


Urban Water Treatment – Control and Monitoring of Water Supply


        Controlled Parameters 

  • Artesian Well Levels
  • Water Flow Levels
  • Pump State
  • Turn on/off Pumps
  • Pump Energy Consumptions
  • Pump Temperature Levels
  • Water Pressure Levels

         SmartICS Provides 

  • Operational information on all installations
  • Issuing of services messages
  • Automated dispatcher tasks